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A goose on the loose in a Walmart parking lot had Indiana shoppers taking a gander -- and their dander was raised when the animal injured two people. One person suffered a bite mark on the arm, Fishers Police Sgt. The shoppers did not intentionally approach the goose, but they were attacked when they got too close, Weger told the newspaper.

Something you wouldn't expect walking out of Walmart. Georgia man who says he was fired for being gay takes case to U.

Goose on the loose: 2 shoppers attacked at Indiana Walmart | WSB-TV

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Use another account. Our requests were made exactly to order during a quiet late morning with really fresh ingredients. The large coffees packed a nice punch.

Goose on the Loose

A nuisance maybe for some, but there are ATMs located in the not-so-far vicinity. Relating to our point earlier on, this place has a bit of a complex. We can see college students and young professionals like us here as well as young and grown-up families too. We can especially see Mrs. Good choice, including hot pot and tagine dishes.

Mother Goose on the Loose

Sandwiches or breakfast and coffees. The waddling honker has even found its way into other game worlds such as Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and PT thanks to the creativity of players who want to see the goose get up some of its signature hijinks in other virtual worlds. Given its success, it makes sense to bring the game to other consoles so more people can tap into their desire to cause mischief in a goose-y fashion. The studio also appears to be looking at bringing Untitled Goose Game to mobile if it's able to work out ways of implementing good touch controls.

We're still chewing on this. It'll take a lot of design work to make a version that works good for touch controls!