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The race lasts from 9.

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The finish line for the amateur runners who run back to the stadium within 4 hours is inside the stadium, but in case of the amateur runners who run over 4 hours, it is outside the stadium. All runners must complete the race not later than at Runners who still have some distance to go at the cut-off time will be escorted back to the stadium by bus. At stadium Kim Il Sung Stadium Digital Timers Resting runners Spectators Support team What to wear Atmoshpere in the stadium All runners can choose between wearing an official marathon t-shirt provided by Marathon organizers or their own t-shirt free from big logos or national symbols.

Runners will be expected to wear athletic clothes on the field.

Once inside the stadium, runners will have approximately minutes to change clothes and prepare for the race. All runners must have a number affixed to their shirts. Foreign runners are prohibited from carrying national flags or wearing clothing with writing deemed inappropriate or politically motivated. The safest option is to wear solid colors, no pictures or slogans.

In most cases your regular running sneakers and shorts will qualify you for the run. Runners are permitted to carry phones and music devices during the race. Marathon Experience The race starts and finishes at the Kim Il Sung Stadium filled with about 50, local spectators. Many runners said that the atmosphere before the race was incredible —- the highlight of the trip and something that will stay with you forever. The reception the runners got when they entered the stadium was staggering —- everyone waving, clapping, cheering, etc. It was like being an Olympic athlete. The energy was crazy.

North Koreans also lined the entire race route along major sites in the city from the Arch of Triumph to the Rungra Bridge. Running through the streets of Pyongyang with hundreds of local runners is an amazing experience. Gaggles of children will hold their arms out, shout hello, and jostle towards you if you stop for banter, but for a photo they might scatter just as they might strike a pose.

One participant recalls "my overriding memory of the run itself is the people on the streets.

History of the Marathon

Arimnestos of Plataea grew up wanting to be a bronze-smith, like his father. Then, in the chaos of war, he was taken to a city in the Persian empire and sold as a slave. To win his freedom he had to show that he could fight and kill. Now, to preserve that freedom, he must kill again.

For the Persians are coming. A vast army sent by King Darius to put down the rebellious Greeks and burn the city of Athens to the ground.

Standing against them on the plain of Marathon, a much smaller force of Athenians, alongside their Plataean allies. To defeat such overwhelming force seems impossible. And yet to yield would mean the destruction of everything the Greeks have dreamed of. In the dust and heat of Marathon, in the clash of shields and the rush of spears, amidst the thunder of hooves and the screams of the dying, those dreams will undergo their fiercest test - and Arimnestos and his Greek comrades will discover the true price of freedom.

About the Author Christian Cameron is a writer and military historian. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, where he served as both an aviator and an intelligence officer. He lives in Toronto. Help Centre.

Marathon (Long War, book 2) by Christian Cameron

Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Some of the recipes have become regulars at Le Gavroche, a popular London restaurant for many sportsmen and women. The Marathon Chef is, on the face of it, rather a strange project. Perhaps this is because one doesn't immediately associate chefs with marathons--although no doubt everybody could come up with a name or two they'd like to see tottering across the finishing line in a charity chicken suit.

However, Michel Roux, one-time dauphin and now sun king of the esteemed restaurant Le Gavroche in London, turns out to be a proselytising marathon runner with something of a mission. Since he took up running ten years ago to counter the weight gained after giving up smoking , Roux has been experimenting with foods to suit his training needs; and he clearly feels there's a gap to be filled in the market for healthy, delicious food suited to the needs of exercisers who don't want to be restricted to a diet of rabbit food and plain pasta.

On the evidence of this book, he may well be right. The good news is that red meat, wine, cheese and butter stay on the menu, although, as Roux says, based on his own experience the desire for these technically unhealthy foods diminishes with exercise.

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The Marathon Chef: Food For Getting Fit (The Long War)

For the most part, the food is simple, lively and uncomplicated: among the main courses, Minced Lamb with Preserved Lemon served with couscous , Poached Chicken Supreme with Pearl Barley Broth, Grilled Mackerel with Green Asparagus and Anise-Flavoured Cauliflower Cream are all good examples of Roux's light touch and eclectic approach. There is a good selection of breakfast dishes and a fine collection of mostly fruit-based desserts.

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The interspersed pieces of advice for runners are in no way off-putting for the unathletic. Who for: Keep-fit junkies and gourmets in need of lean food.

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Why: Anything that addresses how to eat well and keep fit is worth buying. The look: Classic modern cook book with beautiful food shots and some mandatory chef shots of M Roux Jr in jogging shorts. The cooking: Chic, low fat French food ranging from baguette toast with olive oil, extra bitter chocolate and sea salt snack attack to calves liver with iwld mushrooms and sweet and sour onion main course. Convert currency. Add to Basket.