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However, I do not regret expressing my thoughts and feelings honestly and can't deny that to get a response like that from someone this book must have had some effect on my day to day life. I would like to believe a positive one, however trying to prove you have wisdom by listing an example of someone telling you to fuck off is not wise.

Or is it? Meditate on that. May 30, Steven rated it really liked it. This was my first time learning some of the concepts of Buddism and I was really happy with this introduction. A wonderful look at the basic of this ideology with great step by step procedures for getting started. I loved all the examples Yongey Mingyur uses from people's real lives and the way things were broken down for easier understanding. My first complaint is that it is a bit repetitive in the middle and I found myself losing interest, but the last few chapters made up for it.

The other co This was my first time learning some of the concepts of Buddism and I was really happy with this introduction.

Joyful Wisdom : Embracing Change and Finding Freedom [Paperback]

The other complaint I have is the lack of science which I feel is overly emphasized in the reviews for this book on the back cover. While the science is there and I really didn't expect high levels of sciences in an introduction to an ancient ideology, the back cover raised my expectations. However, those two statements are minor complaints and the book really is an amazing introduction to the world of Buddhist thinking. I will definitely recommend this book to others and look for other works by this author. Mar 19, Diana Shaffner rated it it was amazing Shelves: psychology.

What a wonderful book! Joyful Wisdom, who cannot use a dose of that?! In this book the author who sometimes describes himself as a 'happy little monk' starts out telling about his childhood struggles with intense anxiety that caused him problems well into his young adult years. He dealt with these difficulties despite having a loving home and a famous master of meditation as a father. While this book is full of wisdom, the perhaps most powerful one standing out is the one on impermanence.

Nothin What a wonderful book! Nothing is permanent. Everything is in flux and will be gone one day to be replaced by something else impermanent. Wenn we cling to the idea of wanting things to stay the same, we create suffering for ourselves. In not clinging to anything we set ourselves free.

Joyful Wisdom

Apr 27, arkan rated it it was amazing Shelves: buddhism. Pretty hard to judge this one unbiased since Mingyur Rinpoche is my favorite author and teacher. I watch a lot of his free videos on YouTube and even those are pretty helpful. What I find very useful from this book is that it can serve as a meditation guide for a long time. Granted, many other books on Buddhism are the same way, but Rinpoche's teachings are ones I find that resonates most easily with me. Like many other books on meditation this one would be better served with more theoretical expl Pretty hard to judge this one unbiased since Mingyur Rinpoche is my favorite author and teacher.

Like many other books on meditation this one would be better served with more theoretical explanations. However, I do understand that meditation is in large part about practice, not just the intellectual understanding of it. Jan 17, Rif A. Saurous rated it really liked it. A fine addition to the Buddhist canon.

Joyful Wisdom: Embracing Change and Finding Freedom by Yongey Mingyur

A mix of philosophy and semi-practical instruction. I especially appreciated Mingyur's perspective, his discussions of his own struggles and what he still struggles with.

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Compared to some of the more westernized books, Mingyur focuses more on using meditation and self-examination to make immediate incremental improvements to your life, and less on a binary enlightened vs. While I find myself wanting to beli A fine addition to the Buddhist canon. While I find myself wanting to believe in eventual instant full enlightenment, Mingyur's view seems more realistic to me based on what I've experienced so far, and perhaps more hopeful.

May 18, L rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , must-read-again.

Embracing Change and Finding Freedom

This book was so very joyful! Yongey Mingyur introduces Buddhist concepts and practices elegantly and gently with plenty of modern examples and stories. As a beginner, it felt like there were so many exercises and steps that I will have to return to this book soon to practice more of them as I continue learning and meditating.

Reading this book felt so very freeing and I would recommend it to any beginner. May 15, Magnus Lidbom rated it it was amazing Shelves: to-reread , personal-development , buddhism , spirituality. An excellent guide on how to use Buddhist practices and teachings to transform your experience of life for the better. Takes concepts that are usually presented in extremely mysterious ways and presents them in eminently understandable terms that make perfect sense and requires zero belief in supernatural phenomena to apply.

Highly recommended. I wanted to read something from Yongey Mingyur after watching some of the videos at his YouTube channel. This book is a well accomplished effort to reframe Buddhist knowledge for the occidental way of thinking. His book is greatly appreciated by those of us who are on the never ending pad of self development Buddhist or not. Thank you Mingyur!!!

Joyful Wisdom

Apr 09, Matt rated it liked it. I wanted to like this book more. I don't dislike it but I don't love it. The subject is great, the intent is great, my absorption of the content was not great. I'll attempt this book again in the future.

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Jun 23, Erika rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , reading-suggestions-from-friends , audiobook , positive-thinking , mindfulnness. I feel like I wasn't nearly mindful enough while listening to this audiobook. The subject matter was great and the kind forgiveness and acceptance of abilities and growth were wonderful!! Mar 23, Sufie Berger rated it it was amazing. Another great book explaining different aspects of practicing Buddhism.

Sep 15, L8start rated it liked it Shelves: meditation , non-fiction. May want to return to this book when I have time to do more than scan it. It provides background, methods of meditation, and how to apply meditation to our modern problems. Feb 17, Sophie Rayton rated it liked it. Nice uplifting book. Somewhat repetitive but still good. Elegantly simple Can change the way you look at the world.


Written simply and gently for everyone to understand. This book is a must read for anyone ever caught up with life today. Jan 24, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: It's kind of random how I came across this book - I had never heard of it before in spite of its best seller status. I know I've hinted before that I'm going through some big things in my personal life, so I'm sure this genre of book makes sense in that respect, but the biggest thing that lead me to this book is that my husband has really gotten into Buddhism lately and I wanted to be able to keep up with him so I searched my library catalog for "Buddhism" and perused the selection.

I narrowed t It's kind of random how I came across this book - I had never heard of it before in spite of its best seller status. I narrowed things down to what audiobooks were available realistically I am driving so much that audiobooks are my best option to read right now , and this was first on the list that looked good to me.

source link I'm glad to report that this blind picking method worked out well this time : Joyful Wisdom is what I like to summarize loosely as a practical guide to Buddhist meditation. The author is a monk from Nepal who travels around the world and teaches these basics. The book is broken down into 3 main sections: Principles, Experience, and Application.

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He covers the basic thought and history behind Buddhism first, moving onto what those basics mean in your own life, and then tells you how to apply these teachings to benefit your life. He uses examples not only from ancient Buddhist texts and teachings, but also from some of his modern students and what these specific techniques did for them. In the application section, he literally breaks down how to meditate on a specific Buddhist principle with instructions such as, "Assume the 7 point position.