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Shutting Up: Listening To Your Employees, Leading By Example, And Maximizing Productivity

Preferred contact method Email Text message. When will my order be ready to collect? Following the initial email, you will be contacted by the shop to confirm that your item is available for collection. Call us on or send us an email at. Unfortunately there has been a problem with your order. If you often can't find time for breakfast in the morning, you're not alone; about 31 million Americans don't eat anything at all for breakfast.

Among those who eat in the morning, most will take something with them or eat on the go. Breakfast is a crucial part of getting a strong start each day , especially if your morning routine includes exercise.

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Add a balanced, protein-rich breakfast to your routine and reap the health benefits, such as:. John Mackey , founder of Whole Foods, starts his day with a nutrient-rich breakfast smoothie consisting of kale or spinach leaves, soy milk, almond, oats, and fresh fruit. Take a cue from those Fortune leaders and fill your tank before you head out. That means you have a regular commute to and from work. The average leader has a commute time of around 25 minutes , and they make good use of that time as part of their workday.

Some of the ways you can be productive during your commute include:.

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Any work-related activity completed during your commute can free up precious time for other projects later in the day. When some founders and executives arrive at the office, they immediately dig into their email and jump into morning meetings, leaving the more complicated tasks for the afternoon.

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Why waste that time on meetings or reading email? This research is backed by other studies that found that participants perform their best early in the day. Human psychology researchers confirm that our willpower is a finite resource. This is why many of the leaders who responded to the survey set aside their early morning hours for creating goals and strategies for the day, week, month, or year. The average leader dedicates about 25 minutes of their morning to strategizing and planning.

During that time, they tackle important tasks and projects while holding off on emails, calls, and texts until lunchtime. That should translate to using your energy and focus to get your biggest tasks or hurdles out of the way first and foremost. It's important to note that mornings shouldn't necessarily be used for the hardest work, but for the most important work.

Each day she starts out with a list of critical items that need to be completed. When she finishes her day, she creates a new list for the next day. Learning to say no is also an important part of managing your day and staying productive. Patty Stonesifer , former chairwoman of the Smithsonian Institution Board of Regents, has a secret for getting more done each day: know what not to do. Email and texting have become the dominant forms of communication for business owners. The average leader of a Fortune spends around 2. Some spend even more time.

Here are some ways the most successful leaders handle email and communication to stay productive:. I'll then take a 5 minute break where I'll get up out of my chair, leaving all technology on my desk, and I'll go for a walk, do some stretches or mediate. The average Fortune leader spends 2.

Daily Routines of Fortune Leaders (and What You Can Learn from Them)

If you look at the previous statistic on time spent on email and the phone, 5 hours or more per day may not be allotted to direct work productivity, unless you design meetings and modes of communication to be highly productive. In a interview with Wired , Google cofounder Larry Page discussed his decision to get rid of his assistant due to the excessive scheduling of undesired meetings.

As a result, they only spend about an hour and 45 minutes on average on personal tasks and projects. Cultivating teams and boosting collaboration are some of the most important skills of a successful, strategic leader. Team effort is important for any company with multiple employees to thrive, and it can significantly impact business strategies and productivity.

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Perhaps it was because I know Eric, but the book read like he was just talking to me. Some management books tell a story e. Others are mostly theory e. Shutting Up is a collection of observations from a year management career. Some chapters e. Other chapters e. Perhaps Eric should create some accompanying slides and allow those who buy the book to download them if they email him.

I will make that suggestion. I don't own a Kindle device, but I do have an iPad. I was able to use the Kindle App for the iPad and read Eric's book without killing any trees.

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