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The portrayal is a poignant one, given that in the U. For widows who may have been grieving in solitude, the holidays can help them reconnect with their family and friends. You may be worried about your remaining parent and how he or she is coping with the loss of your spouse. You might throw yourself into projects to avoid facing your grief.

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And you may struggle with helping your own children deal with their feelings. But there are ways to connect to your family during the holidays and find solace — and even new meaning — after the death of a parent. Depending how young the littlest members of your family may be, they may not fully grasp the concept of death. Coping with the loss of a loved one during the holidays can be difficult. However, the holidays bring family together and there can be a lot of comfort in that.

Your family may have several wonderful traditions you may want to continue. I have also found journaling to be tremendously helpful in processing my deepest feelings. People grieve differently. It is important to understand that everyone grieves in his or her own unique way. This is often challenging for families.

Everyone is grieving his or her unique relationship with the loved one who has died. Family dynamics have changed. There may be differing views on how to act during the holidays. Some may want to act as if nothing has happened.

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Grief During the Holidays – 8 Tips for Surviving

For others, the grief is overwhelming. Know this.

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  • Expect it. Try to communicate your feelings honestly and respectfully.

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    Be gentle and loving with yourself and each other. Self-compassion, as well as compassion for others, is key. Family Gatherings. Family gatherings can be reminders of our love for one another, AND they can emphasize the absence of the one we love. Plan ahead. Structure your holiday time. Planning helps you feel more secure. reviews: How to Survive the Holidays When Someone You Love Has Died

    This will help you anticipate activities, rather than just reacting to whatever happens. As you make your plans, however, leave room to change them if you feel it is appropriate. Share the workload among family members. Have the grace to receive from others, as humbling as that is sometimes. Keep traditions that feed your spirit. Know you can always change things next year! Enough said.

    Spend your energy wisely. Grief can leave you feeling fatigued. Your low energy level may naturally slow you down. Respect what your body and mind are telling you.

    Twelve Tips for Getting Through the Holidays After Loss

    Practice good self-care. Prepare for after the holiday. Be aware there may be a low time after the hype of the holidays. Remember: Love does not end with death. Grief is both a necessity and a privilege. It comes as a result of giving and receiving love. Love yourself.

    When Someone You Love Dies

    Be patient with yourself. And allow yourself to be surrounded by loving, caring, understanding people.

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    I know this to be true. Remember to hold onto the love, not the grief during the holidays. This will help you honor your loved one as you move forward. If you want to watch videos about hospice care, visit our YouTube channel. November 14, blog By Brighton Hospice. Ritual is helpful to acknowledge the loss while enjoying the present.