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Persistent or returning odor in your washer or laundry is a sure sign of remaining residue inside the washing machine.

Odor Removal Tips

The odor-causing residue can be stubborn to remove. Smelly Washer can also be mixed in a spray bottle of warm water to clean the detergent drawer, rubber door gasket, or under the lid — all those hard-to-reach places! Just spray liberally and allow to soak. Tips to Get Rid of Laundry Odor Odor in your washing machine or laundry can sometimes be difficult to get rid of.

Use A Washer Cleaner Persistent or returning odor in your washer or laundry is a sure sign of remaining residue inside the washing machine.

I purchased the expensive HE washer machine tablets to do on a monthly cycle but those failed very quickly. Finally, in a last-ditch effort to have clean smelling clothes, I added this one ingredient and everything changed! So just what is this ingredient I am talking about? Now I use plain white vinegar and here is how I use it.

Cleaning the Outside of the Machine

Just like you buy laundry detergent, I buy a gallon of vinegar and keep it right next to my washer machine. I load my HE washer machine up with clothes, add my soap and then in the bleach dispenser, I fill it all the way to the top with white vinegar. The vinegar helps kill the bacteria that grows in your washer machine and kills the odor. Not only does it kill the odor, but it helps with cleaning my clothes too. Wow, I would call vinegar my little miracle in the laundry room! Who knew one little ingredient could do so much! I still have a plane taking off in my laundry room, however, but I can live with that :!

Did you like this natural solution? This book has over great recipes that are super easy to make with everyday ingredients!

What Causes the Bad Smell to Start With?

Here is a sample of a few solutions featured in this book! No fancy ingredients…just everyday, easy to find ingredients. Learn more details here. I have tried everything.

How To Get Rid of Mildew Smells in the Laundry

It works much better that just vinegar or bleach alone. I would use bleach OR vinegar but not both. Mixing them will lower the pH, which cleans the smell and mold better, but if you combine them you get chlorine gas. A weapon used in World War 1. Poison gas was outlawed in after WW1. I have tried vinegar too and it did not help. However, I have a Frigidaire stack-able unit and even leaving the lid open does not help. I have figured out what the problem is though. It is the water pump. It is too small and does not have the power to push all of the water out of the drain hose.

When I removed the drain hose from the water pump, a large amount of foul smelling water poured out everywhere. It had me gagging. The water pump is so tiny, and the water has to be pumped uphill so to speak. What did you do about it?

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Had no problems with it for over a decade, then suddenly, poof! Maybe because usage frequency suddenly dropped. Use essential oils.

Lemon, orange, lime, eucalyptus, tea tree and wintergreen all work great for odor and kill bacteria viruses and microbes for allergies. These are going back to store ASAP. This is a Samsung pair with nice ringtones, very esthetically pleasing and very useless. I need a washing machine, not a Kardashian.

OMG I love this post!!! I keep my shop vac nearby and vacuum out the runner ring after every load. I wile down the inside glass door with cleaner. I wipe down all the way around inside the rubber ring as well as on the outside. I have even killed my fingers trying to clean the drum beyond the runner ring. I run the clean cycle with the appropriate cleaners and I drain the trap once a month and I leave the door and the drawer open between every wash AND mine stills smells horrible.

I have gotten a little help from the lysol sanitizer but it is not perfect. After a couple of days sheets and blankets smell musty. On hot days my t-shirts smell too. I am at my whits end. Hi, do you leave your wash in the wash with the door closed for awhile before you take them out to dry?

You have remove the washed clothes from the wash straight away. Thank you for sharing. If you have hard water, vinegar is a must. Hard water is horrible on laundry in many ways. Add 4 cups of vinegar in a long hot wash with no clothes and let finish. Because of the hard water and constant use of detergent, this process will need to be done occasionally to keep laundry clean.

If this happens, it will take time for the washer to work the scum out of the machine. Hi: my front load washer smells like gasoline; did not put anything with gasoline in it. Only used dr. Bronners and apples cider vinegar. So now I am cleaning with apple cider vinegar and baking soda on the cleaning cycle.

Any suggestions. It leaves all my clothes smelling like gasoline.

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Hi, maybe try Tide with Febreze. When I was helping a friend whose house caught on fire, this was the only thing that got the smoke smell out of the clothes. I realize this is different than your problem, and your problem seems to be caused by your washer, but until you find a solution to the washer, try Tide with Febreze for the clohtes.

Odor Removal Tips - Smelly Washer

I Use baking soda and essential oils in my washing machine. It will leave it smelling great and soften your clothes. I love using lemon, orange, eucalyptus, tea tree and wintergreen essential oils. They kill bacteria and viral and microbial. Which is Great for allergies. Maybe try white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar? ThAnk you for posting — I could have written that except for the noise. Will definitely give it a try.

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I got tired of the smell in my front load washing machine too and started to use vinegar with every load. It has been wonderful. My clothes actually smell clean now.