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This bias persists even as several studies demonstrate that athletes have higher GPAs than non-athletes. A Kansas University Study even found that athletes had higher graduation rates, better attendance at school, lower dropout rates and higher scores on assessment tests. Or better still, why should athletes be reading books designed to make them better?

Most athletes have a whole host of trainers, coaches, and even therapists working to make them elite. Why go searching for even more information? Most coaches and trainers are coming at their athletes from a very specific perspective. Some coaches are very technical, some coaches are about drill work, and some are about pushing to your limit. Very few coaches and trainers know anything about nutrition or the mental side of performance.

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Even if you are lucky enough to have a coach or trainer who knows about these things, chances are, they are coming from a very specific philosophy that may or may not be suited to your individual needs. If you are a competitive athlete and you are not out there reading this information and learning what might work best for you personally to improve, then guess what? Your competition is. Ever heard of myelination? Yet this process has so much to do with how we develop the skills necessary to become an elite athlete or basically to become good at anything at all.

Daniel Coyle breaks down this complex process into something that is easy to understand. I request that the parents of the athletes I consult for read this book so that they understand what we are trying to accomplish. Athletes will finish this book with the feeling that they can do anything by putting in the work.

It is inspiring in a very realistic way. There are no shortcuts here. You have to do the work to be great. Would you like to know the secrets of an Ironman Triathlete?

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We suggest you stay and try to leave within 10 minutes. We suggest you come back in the last 10 minutes of the session as this is our opportunity to compare the kids behaviour when you are not there and when you are present. To prepare kids for the session we suggest you tell them that they come to spend some time with an expert in finding talents and that we will spend time playing games to help the coach find out what is their best way of learning.

This is exactly what the coach will do. When they come to the first session, the coach will explain the same thing and record all the activities to be later transferred into the report. Parents will receive two printed copies of the detailed report signed by the coach.

Extra copies can be submitted on soft copies on request. The report is prepared for the parents only. We encourage you to share the report with others working with the child to align the strategies between all professionals. However, we suggest not share the report with your child. In most cases, the report is enough for parents to manage the implementation by themselves. This is against our values and against what we believe life coaching is all about. You will receive a tax invoice and will be asked to pay after the third session and before the reporting session with the parents.

If you wish, they life coach will stay in contact with you long after you finish the program.

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We still have regular contact with clients who used our programs over 25 years ago. Every week, they are given 8 spelling words to learn, put into sentences and write them four times. She comes home with new homework each week and is straight into it instead of trying to avoid it. We have bought her 3 of the fairy books chapter books and she is doing her best to read them any spare time she gets. Thanks to you, my daughter is a totally different person. She is so full of confidence and so much happier.

I have reduced my tablet intake … by more than half. To me that is a huge thing. I am now spending a lot more time with both of the girls with their homework and just playing around.

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The range of the difficulties children face which can be helped with kids coaching is huge. As you would expect, every parent has different needs and we pride ourselves for tailoring an individual program to each specific need. After many years of work and research and feedback from many clients, we can confidently say that the benefits of doing the Be Happy in LIFE child coaching programs are enormous. Each of the benefits in itself can change your life from blaming to responsibility, from conflict to caring, from depression to motivation, from confusion to clarity, from failure to success and from misery to happiness.

Now that you know why our Be Happy in LIFE child coaching program is great, you may be thinking about how it could be possible for you and your family to benefit from it. If you are concerned about the investment of time and money that is required, you are not alone. Here is what we say to our clients. We know that money is a resource that you work very hard for and it is not easy to invest this money.

Research shows that parents spend lots more when their children are angry, frustrated, emotionally troubled, with low academic achievements and with disruptive behaviour so the money you will use to help yourself help your child will be used anyway. The question is only whether to spend it on setting yourself and your kids for a strong, responsible, healthy, successful and happy future or using it to fix the weak, reckless, sick, and depressed future. We believe it is better and cheaper to work on prevention and good foundation than to try to fix and patch it.

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We have clients that already spend a fortune to help their children with tutoring, psychology sessions, assessments and trial and error therapies when all of those focus on fixing and patching rather than focus on building a good and strong foundation. Most life coaching clients report a significant increase in income and savings, as well as quality of life. Otherwise, they would never have taken the second session.

Because there is no upfront payment, the payment is done only after the third session you can always decide that one cycle is enough for you and you only go for the next round as long as you feel you are getting value and it is well worth your investment. People spend lots of money trying to feel better by eating out, smoking, drinking and shopping and parents are just part of a society that search for a better feeling through spending. If you added these up, you will see that life coaching stops the spending and this saving is for life.

That is true. The implementation will ensure you integrate the new learning into life and create permanent change. However, this investment of time is returned many times over. Although we have the same 24 hours a day as everyone else does, we can use our time better through prioritizing, focus, motivation and working well with others. Stress makes us unproductive and problematic kids are very energy consumers.

Our program will help you help your child frees up time to achieve many other things. Knowing what is important to us and knowing how to get the important things done first makes us even more productive still. A life coach can be someone who has done a weekend course or even a correspondence life coaching course without seeing one client face-to-face. We have coached other life coaches, counsellors, educators and psychologists and opened up the lives of many people.

We offer the experience of working with thousands of happy clients over the last 28 years and specialty in special education. This gives the clients relief, but only until the next time something comes up.

Coaching Quotes from the Best Sports Coaches

We have a long track record of success in all aspects of personal development and emotional intelligence. As of today, we have collected over 20, testimonials praising our coaching, workshops, and presentation.

If you would like to read some client testimonials, please click here. Thank you so much for helping us all with my daughter! I liked the examples.

[Audiobook] Unleash the Power Within: Personal Coaching to Transform Your Life by Tony Robbins

I liked the theory and the research. Everything we learned was useful. I liked how Ronit was a living, walking, talking example of what she is promoting. How authentic she was about her family and herself. The handouts were excellent.

source url Ronit is a world class.